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2001-05-11 00:57:53 (UTC)

where am i?

I feel like shit. I don't know why.

Fuck that, I know why...but I don't know why...

Elisse is driving me insane...with or wihtout her
boyfriend... Everytime she is with her boyfriend, I get
such a bad fuckin trip and it gets worse every time.

She says she loves me and then...i don't know.

She says she wants to do something with me and then forgets
to mention that her boyfriend is coming too...I don't care
that nothing could happen betwen us but I'd just like to
talk to her...just her. Fuck...I love her...

Maybe I should tell her.
Maybe she'll stop fucking with my mind.
Maybe I'll flap my arms and try to fly south for the winter.

Last Thursday she phoned me from a party, asking if I would
walk her home...I said "sure"...I'd never say no. I got
there, she tried to kiss me...fuck, it was hard not
to...shit like that fucks me up.

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