mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-10 22:09:29 (UTC)

2nd chance ??

today is Sunday March 10,2002 and I may be gettin 2nd
chance at dispatching job in Massachusetts. I was just
lookin at newspaper, and the city/town of Amhurst is lookin
for a 911 dispatcher. I am gonna apply for the job
tommorow, and hope for best. the only down side that is
appearent for now is that the pay is bi-weekly.
I am cautiously optomistic on this. Lets hope for the best.
today was pretty good day with kids, took them to church ,
then took jessica to painter park for a bit, then we all
Jon,Jess and I went to mall. then we came back and i fell
asleep lol while kids watched tv till i had to go to work.
I miss lisa & i hope she comes online soon.