Gina Babina

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2002-03-10 22:06:21 (UTC)

i dont have mono anymore!!! YAY!!

*guess what peeps....gina is mono free!!! YaY!! After 2
hospital trips..and a thousand doc appointments i'm all
healthy again..well for mentally thats a dif
story! heh Anywho...the man of the hour right now is my
brother...he bought me a new manson shirt..and alcohol!!
YEAH!! Hes awesome! Yesterday was my nieces bday, she is 11
now..HAPPY B-DAY JORDAN! I love you sweetheart! Today
sucks cause it's sunday and tomorrow is gay ass school
again! :P But this weekend rocked so its all good! And i
found the college of my dreams so yeah! LoL My depression
has seemed to subside a lil..well except for the lil
Clayton thing that's been bouncing around my head all damn
week! eerrr...he's so dif now and i hate it! He gets high
and does that "one thing" that he promised he would stop
doing and i dunno! We are just like not even friends
anymore! I hate it. Why is that the farther away someone is
the more i love them. ggrrr Love sucks!! But i love
Ricky!!! and Jessi..and J.R. and PaPaCiTa..and Kat so its
all good! Well its time to clean so i gotta
bounce..everyone pray for J.R. and his surgery this week
and my daddy and his health..and jessi's mummy too! later
peeps! xoxox


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