2002-03-10 20:28:09 (UTC)

Okay here is the deal...

I made a deal with the devil (myself) today. Once I get a
job, and will catch up in my studies in French, I will be
under a strict schedule. I made a whole bunch of charts.
like 4 or 5 little pages worth. I estimated the amount of
time I spend doing everything (or atleast most things) in
my life. From School to Food. Turns out that on a 2 day
weekend I can master a lot of work, and still have
approximately 5 hours left to do whatever. (Most likely it
will be brakes from all the studying.)

I wanted to accomplish, and do many things before I get to
college. One of which was to narrow down my book list by
atleast 20 books. I measured out that it is quite doable.
Although I want to do a lot of things, I still need a job
so I can pay for college bound expenses, such as a trip to
calli, (2) college tuition, college books, rent cash,
furniture cash, e.t.c... I can pull of the job thing and do
everything I wanted if I do most of my work on weekdays,
and my job will be after school. I think I can pull it off.
I just have to get a job and catch up in French. As soon as
possible. Then I gotta make a list (which I will write
now,) print it out and hang it in my room. It'll be my
inspiration. I'll be marking off how many things I've done,
and how little left do I have. It'll be a race against
time. And it starts as soon as I start working. Okay,
here's the list:

- book 1 - set up in big binder add in it:
- book 2 a) all gods and goddesses chart
- book 3 b) spells, charms, and potions
- book 4 c) summaries of books (we'll see how
- book 5 this works out)
- book 7 d) basics { wheel of the year
- book 8 { color symbolization
- book 9 { circle casting/ preparation
- book 10 { 13 goals of a witch
- book 11 { wiccan rede
- book 12 e) set up sections { spells
- book 13 { summaries {quotes { main
- book 14 { gods/godesses { basics { other
- book 15
- book 16 *COOK BINDER
- book 17 - One of my little Miller Draft Binders
- book 18 will serve as a little recipe book.
- book 19 a) One recipe in per month { recipe 1
- book 20 { recipe 2
{ recipe 3
- learn it and do it everyday for { recipe 5
30 minutes a day atleast { recipe 6
{ recipe 7
*FRENCH { recipe 8
- study french every other day for 30 min. { recipe 9
{ recipe 10
{ recipe 11
{ recipe 12

(Don't mind me I like visuals, and besides, I will take
this exact copy and hang it in my room somewhere.) If I
don't get a job at all, then atleast I'll be able to
fullfill all of this If I do get a job, then
things might go better then I would of hoped, since my book
reading might go super fast since my schedule is based on a
500 pg. book a week. Well I got a little headache, but it
passed now, so I think I'll either eat, go to sleep or most
likely study French now. Chow!!!