U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2002-03-10 20:23:17 (UTC)

mass depression

2002 is the worse year... ever. Everytime i think it can't
get worse it does.I just got my interims. Well, a fucking
D /C- in math. All A's and B's in everything else. My
parents shit a brick and now the only thing I am allowed to
do is breath. I hate my life. Everything about it. My
school, my friends, my family, the way I look, the way I
act, i hate it all. My best guy friend is in love w/ me, he
told me so wendsday,lol. Too bad, cuz I don't love him
back.I've gained like 7 lbs (I used to be 113, now I'm 120)
I havn't grown since winter break (I'm still short ass 5'5)
I have had a cold since the middle of January (I think I
have mono)my friends are ok... they're annoying sometimes,
TIME! I am also going to summer school for math now, becuz
of those lovely grades.there is no god. My family would die
if they heard me say that. But he does nothing to me but
make everything worse. i don't care anymore. If there is a
god, he doesn't give a shit about me. Hell, y do I still
give a damn, whats the point of living, all life is is a
bunch of moments,one after the other. It just so happends,
life is a string of bad, awkward moments. I'm done. sorry.
I had to get that out. you guys are probably assuming I am
some Marilyn Manson, devil worshipping goth, who has no
friends/social life. Try again. I'm the complete opposite.
i havn't had a weekend home in 4 months. I was just stopped
in the mall like 2 days ago by a model scout(honestly don't
know y) and well I hate marilyn manson. The best guy friend
who told me he is in love with me is also foot ball quarter
back, captin of Baseball and basketball team. Yep, he's
gorgeous too. YEAH TOO BAD LIFE SUX and I hate everything.

the only thing worse then wanting to live the cliche life
is actually living it

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