Psychotic Rambles
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2002-03-10 20:13:22 (UTC)

i've been guessin...

hey hey hey friends of the oh so delicious and completely
meaningless under over and in between world! this entry is
a completely non-cynical entry about my buddies and whoever
i think of mentioning right now. if i skipped you sorry,
tell me and i'll fix it!

[um oops. i'm looking at this and i'm thinking where did it go?]

Nick and Nicki: they are the kickass 8th grade people i hang out with
who have the un-annoying tendancy to make me laugh no matter what. we
have our own country. it rocks and we have the weirdest conversations
in the world.

Katelyn and Meghan and Meghan Marshmellow: they are some of the only
get girls i get along with. Katelyns been my best buddy since the 4th
grade and Meghan is her sister. Kate can read me and i dunno meghan
is just there but she rules anyway. Meg Marshmellow is Rian's sister
and is the queen of girl talk, you know, farts and nasty sex and
stuff like that. hahha oh yea and something else but i forget anyway
they kick big bald shiny monkey ass.

Rian and Rorie: the dynamic duo whom i will both love untill the end
of time in one way or another. They got me into more than half of the
stuff i'm in and rorie is always willing to listen to my complaining.
Rian just makes me melt. i go to him when i need a warm smile and a
big hug.

Eskimo and Pat: Eskimo is one of my best friends these days and he
teaches me the lingo and he's the other pyro which rocks the house.
He also has enough patience to play hackeysack with me, which i suck
at. pat is the hot latino who was at one point also a really good
friend and he smells pretty fucking good. anyways he's really nice
and sometimes he's kind of stupid when he tries to be funny hahaa but
i like being psychotic around him. he's cool with that.

Catie and Katie: my two other galpals and that would make the entire
collection of my girly friends. anyway, they're both freshmen rotc
sweethearts that always try to give advice and who are always so easy
to make laugh and that makes me infinatly happy. i love them both
like sisters and Katie is leaving soon i think i'm gonna cry. they
are awsome. they are the queens. they rock.