The Complete Life of Jason
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2001-05-10 21:43:02 (UTC)

Third Publishing - Joel's Story

Ok, this is entitled Joel's Story because today I'll be
talking about Joel.

I met Joel in 7th grade, in a music class. We were required
to take music, by the way, just for your information. It
was there when I started talking about him and we both
found out that we had many similar interests.

First of all, we both love games. We both like reading.
We're both major fans of final fantasy, and the list goes
on. His parents were both divorced, and I say were for a
reason. His mom is married to Tim, which is Joel's step-
dad. His dad had many girlfriends, not at the same time,
mind you, but there were quite a few of them.

He lived mainly with his dad, only going to see his mom on
every other weekend. His dad was a very nice guy, he was
very, very smart and funny. He had majored in over three
fields, and he was a master chef. His house wasn't exactly
in the best condition, he didn't have heating other than a
stove in which he had to keep on.

His mom lives in Indianapolis, about an hour away from me.
He lives there now, due to a reason in which I will get to
later. She lives in a mansion with Tim, who makes millions
a year due to the fact that he owns a large company in

If you haven't figured this out yet... his dad died. The
medicine that he had was pronounced deadly a few days after
he died from it. He had a heart attack a few weeks and was
in the hospital recovering. One day, he just died. Joel was
in Illinois at the time, with his girlfriend that he met at
a camp.

Another thing, his dad was perfectly healthy. There was no
reason why he should have died, except for the fact that
the medicine killed him. It would have made a good lawsuit
case, yes, but they didn't try anything.

I was sitting on my couch one day when all of the sudden,
around the time I go to bed, the phone rang. My mom picked
up, and 5 minutes later, she came out to me. She whispered
to me that his dad had died... and I thought she was
joking, however I didn't know. I picked up the phone, and
heard a whimpering on the other line, proving her statement
true. It didn't sink in until later that night while I was
in bed.

We went to the funeral and everything, Joel stayed the
night on a school night, which, by the way, is unheard of
in my family. It was very tragic and saddening, whether it
sounds it or not.