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2002-03-10 17:27:16 (UTC)

If you want a guarantee, Buy a toaster.

Good morning Diary. Why does the wind blow so, the snow
fall so, and the warmth stay away? It's like a reminder
that my life is supposed to be a constant downfall. Last
week I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months. I am 15 and
I do not want to be with someone for that long, and to be
that serious. Is it wrong to wanna have fun without being
stuck in a cage? No. I can't say cage because he was good
to me about doing things with other people. I guess I'm
strange like that. Ever felt like you just aren't fit to
be a girlfriend, but you are fit to be a flirt? I would
never cheat on my boyfriend if I have one, I am not a flirt
like that, but my aim in life is to have friends and keep
them happy. When I am with a guy every weekend and I don't
see them they become upset and not happy. So enough of
that useless topic. It's over and I'm over it. Lately
there's been something wrong and I can't pick out what. I
miss seeing people that I usually see, I miss seeing people
that I used to see a lot. My ex from like last year
stopped out and gave me and my friend a ride in his new
mustang. It was nice to see him again. It's good we've
become friends because he can be a nice guy when he isn't
being an asshole. Isn't that pleasant? =) hehe.. Well,
my wonderful readers who don't reply to my stupid
ramblings, I am going to go clean. Cleaning has now become
my most commonly enacted past time activity. WHY?! Blah.
I am forced to do this and it doesn't work for me. Well
then. Goodbye.

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