punker waiting for godot
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2002-03-10 14:51:46 (UTC)

got hit on freeway, broken bones

some guy turns into my lane with me in it, knocking me off
my motorcycle. i got a bunch o broken bones, a ton of road
rash and my bike, leathers and helmet are totalled. after
spending 20 hours at county hospital and not even seeing
the doctor i got a friend to take me to the ER near my
house then four hours later i got casts on, but no pain
pills cause my freaky high tollorence, nothing works, so
i'm stuck for two days in tons of pain all over, i can't
sleep, let alone make food or do the obious without help.
until my regular doctor on mon. can give me something for
the pain.
typing hurts too much, i'm gonna stop