2001-05-10 18:51:07 (UTC)

Thursday afternoon

Well, practice was fun. We are only doing three songs we
fall down, a song that I do not know, and another song that
I can't remember. but I do know them a little. There are so
many good musicians at this chruch. Anyway. so I went to
Earls and was waiting for Carla and Nat... on the deck for a
1/2 hour- when it turns out that they were sitting inside
just five minuites after I got there. oh well. it was fun to
be blindind by the sun and watch other's on the deck. some
girls are just weird. a guy tries so hard to impress her, or
make her happy and she just sit's there staring. Give the
guy a break. Anyway- it was alot of fun to visit with Carla
and Nat and a girl who I do not know her name- she is from
Hepburn though and she's in university. WE are all going to
buy the Xanadu together- and I am going to open up a club
that doesn't serve alcohol- but juices and malt's and stuff
like that. and have live music and atmosphere etc. it's
happening. belive it. I'm also going to start a christian
radio station- like CBC- we will have to do some live
broadcasting from the Xanadu. yeah- that will be awesome.
well. I got home early last night- and was in bed before
11:30- but I still slept in until 10:30- painted .... again.
Tonight- I'm doing something with Oriol- and Rachel and
Chelsea got any ideas? let me know

"in some crazy freaky weird sort of way it feels like
home."me on tuesday

"- Christy on tuesday "I don't want to make up my mind for