lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-10 08:19:15 (UTC)

aaron kabola & other things

ok so aaron is the most random kid ever. i swear to poop
that boy is waaay out there. but he's fun to hang out with.

tonight was kari's party & it was pretty rad. we surprised
her pretty darn well, i think, and she's so awesome. she
just smiled for like 5 minutes and was shaking. that's why
kari west rocks. also cuz she knows how to be a baller
when wearing tongs. ahhhh yes.

and we ate pizza & cake & ice cream & it was cute...and
then marisa & mallers & i went to draw pics & britt came in
and we made some fiiiine masterpieces. and then aaron came
by and i asked if he wanted a picture and he said yeah so i
drew him one, too. then he joined our little joyfest and
made this awesome pic of meggo my ego (yeah, special boy)
and phil, who was originally joe...but that's life. and he
drew an awesome picture of kari...and then he was trying to
explain something about a black calvin klein being eddie
klein..? we may never know. and then he told us a story
about how it took him so long to see joe, and then he wrote
joe a note. it was a frightening moment. i love random
people, though.

yeah and today phil almost killed me in the car. not
purposely, he's just a scary driver as usual. please
remind me to avoid his vehicle at all costs. but he was
sad because they lost their game today but my bro had such
a great game. he is the cutest. i can't wait for him to
have a girlfriend--haha i'm the opposite of marisa. well
maybe. i dunno.

okaaaay...and now for the discouraging moment of my day. i
was telling kristen how i'm doing a study on purity right
now, and she said, "wow! that's so great that you're doing
it when you're nowhere near being in a relationship or
being tempted by guys or whatever..."

uhh, thanks?