my pathetic life
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2002-03-10 08:00:47 (UTC)


well all day today i spent getting ready for the concert to
nite. me my bro and my friend went to goodwill to go buy
some cloths for the concert. i ended up finding a happy
hour shirt and a boy scout one. i was proud of my self.
well my friend gabby came over and ate dinner at my house.
we had sushi and all this other crap. after dinner me gabby
and 2 of my friends headed out for the concert.

it was suppoesed to be at this cafe. we had a lot of
trouble getting there and got there about a 1/2 an hour
late. when we arrived at the cafe it was closed and there
was a note on the saying the show had moved to another
location. already being late i was already freaking out,
and started to loose it. i had been waiting for this
concert for longer than a month and i was really upset. and
to top it off getting to this new place turned out wit be
really hard.

we got lost and every single light we passsed was red. i
was screaming at every single light "turn fucking green
there's no1 here!". well we finally get to this new
location and went up 2 the door. at this time i was on the
verge of tears and the dorman tells me that there sold out.
i was about 2 loose it, then this guy comes up 2 me and
said "i can get u in just hold on a sec". needless to say
this random guy was my new best friend. well he stamped our
hands with a stamp that he had taken from this place and we
walked right in. i felt bad that my money hadn't gone to
the bands but i wasnt going 2 miss this show.

when we got inside around 9:00 and the show was supposed to
start at 7:30, so i was kinda wondering. well it turns out
that one of the bands had forgotten the p.a. system so they
had to go home and get it before they could play. 9:30 - a
guy stand on the stage and annouces that the guy who went
to get the p.a. had some car trouble and that his battery
had died and he had to get it recharged. a lil before 10:00
the guy gets there and the first band startes playing. i
was so happy. embrace (the band) was really cool and i
liked them. the undying came on they were ok not really my
bag. then TWOTHIRTYEIGHT i was so excited. they played sooo
well. i bought a cd and had a great time. they didnt play
the song i really wanted them to but i didnt care i was so
happy to be there. then hopesfall came on, some guys in the
crowd started being giant ass holes and i was about 2 kick
them they made me so mad. they would jump on the crowd and
try the walk on everybody, kinda like a mean ass way of
crowd surfing. the concert didnt end till one and i didnt
get home till 2. i had lots of goin2 bed now nite!