Product of a Broken Home
2002-03-10 06:08:10 (UTC)

If you choose, try to lose

i get entirely too mellow when i'm stoned. i keep
remembering this being way more fun last time.

maybe it has something to do with doing it with my mom.
maybe i'm feeling guilty or weird oer it or something. or
maybe its just heightening how i already felt.

and consiering i spent about a half hour fantasizing about
someone jumping me in the alley while i was walking to get
a movie, it just might.

on a completely different note: Damned dog Ate my Oil
Painting!!! well, actually, she just licked all the paint
off it. i liked it too...

i feel like having a deep, serious, conversation with
someone. too bad its too late to call anyone..i feel
incredibly open. good side to mellowing out while high i