lost in the dark
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2002-03-10 05:55:14 (UTC)

We are Soldiers...

Hey Entry. Once again, watching a movie that can move even
the hardest of hearts. As I sit here in front of my system,
the thoughts of the men that have fought in wars weigh
heavy. War's. In everyones life there is a war to be
fought. How we fight this war that we live in our own lives
determines how well we will turn out in the end.
I must amit that this weekend is alot better then I could
have hoped for. I spent most of it with Brother. The sour
mood that has plagued me for the week seems to have lifted
for now. Or did it just go in hiding ?
Is it the being subconsciously hiden from people once I
open my door and step out ?
This is a battle that is going to be hard to fight. Just
another thing in life that must be over come. I have to say
this though, Brother and Sister are very dear to me, and I
am very thankful that they are in my life, for if they were
not there I know that I would have been in a Nut house long
ago. I am sure that they no not what they shed to other
people. They may have problems of their own, for everyone
has problems. In the presence of these two people one can
take a rest and not think about anything. For I do not feel
as if I have to speak in there presence. For there is no
unconfortable feeling anywhere to be found. I will hold
these two people as if they are of the finest china. For
this weekend I knew was going to be tough. I send thanks to
you with many hugs.


The Drum...

For we are as one...
For one there is but one heart beating...
For beating is like a soft drum...
For drum the rythum is constant..
For rythum it is timeless...
For timeless let us not forget...
Forget not what we have learned...
For learned we will pass it on...
For we are as one...


Lost in the Dark...