Brain Drain
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2001-05-10 17:32:13 (UTC)

My brother

The other day my brother showed up out of the blue. Let me
give some background info. I have two brothers, one
sister. I only speak to one of my siblings, my brother.
The rest are what I consider to be losers. Dregs of
society. Drug addicted, dirty, 'take your child's doctor
money to play bingo' kind of people.
Anyway, I hear a knock at the door and it's my brother.
The one I don't talk to. I open the door and he collapses
on my shoulder. Crying. "i just needed to talk to
someone" So, I haven't seen you in six years and you pick
me? I didn't say it, but oh how I thought it. He just
starts rambbling. nothing coherent. He reeks of alcohol
and he's crying, on my shoulder. I am trying very hard not
to be the cold hearted bitch I am. So, finally he calms
down. He tells me his wife left him today. He doesn't
know why. He thought everything was fine. (mmmhmmm) He
was outside working on his car when she came out and said
she was leaving. Then just left. He goes inside and she
has stolen all his clothes. *snicker snicker* Then he got
pissed off and went to Wal-mart to get some clothes
*snicker snicker* and a deadbolt. He gets back home and
she has returned and stole all the plants. Not just potted
plants, no... She took the trouble to dig up the rose
bushes. ( broke three ribs to keep from laughing). So, he
pulls himself together and goes home. I can't feel too bad
for him, just enough not to laugh in his face. Haven't
seen him since and this was a couple of weeks ago.
Probably wont see him for another couple of years. He
knows where I live, but I'm moving in about four years.
Chances are I'll move before he comes back. I have no idea
where he lives. He moves every three months or so. Every
time, I hear something about him (or my sister), they are
living somewhere new, with someone new.

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