Kat's Amazingly Wonderful Diary
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2002-03-10 05:02:48 (UTC)

Why do I subject myself to such torture?

Dear Diary,
Today, I did the one thing I swore to myself I would never
do; I went with my best friend to see Crossroads. Oh, you
know what I'm talking about, that really stupid Britney
Spears movie. Alright, the deal is that Lily and I haven't
done anything together in what seems like forever, and we
were depserate to go to the movies. I wanted to see 40
Days 40 Nights, but her parents adamantly refused, so
Crossroads it was. We pretty much laughed throughout the
entire thing. It was so bad that it was good, and then bad
again. The guy was pretty hot, but not a single on of them
(save Taryn Manning) could act. It's just another popstar
thinking that they can act, and then realizing that they
can't. But, because we were so tortured by that movie, we
had to rent Clueless and have some major girl bonding time
(yeah, is it obvious that I just watched Clueless or
what?) I have honestly seen that movie more times than I
can count. It's SO good. I mean, how can you fight with a
movie that says "searching for a guy in high schoo is as
useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie"?
Well, I'm going to stop talking about the retarted teeny-
bopper movies that I saw today, and start talking about the
rest of my life. Oh wait, that's right, THERE'S NOTHING TO
TALK ABOUT. That's right, I did absolutley nothing all day
long. The most that I accomplished all day was to beat my
computer at online chess. It's like, I can't find things
to amuse myself anymore. I watch TV way to much, I work on
my website even more. I can't find anything to do that
isn't entirely superficial, or without any meaningful life
altering substance. Everything that's fun to me anymore
involves other people, and watching them live their lives.
I'm so involved with TV shows and movies, that I'm pretty
much oblivious to everything that's going on around me.
Oh, listen to me, I sound like a pretentious loser teenager
again. I better go before I start throwing Shakespeare
quotes at you from one of his histories, like King Lear.

"To thine own self be true" - Pelonius (Hamlet),