The meanderings of a mind
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2001-05-10 16:56:28 (UTC)


It's a Spring day. The windows are open in the house
because my step dad doesn't like paying for air conditioning
this early in the year. I'm glad today isn't as hot as it
has been. I am waiting for my hair to dry. I don't like to
use the hair dryer because it dries my hair out. I was
considering leaving my hair down today. I always pull it
up. Maybe I should start wearing makeup too, act feminine
or something. I don't understand why I should have to ACT
something I am not though. Why is feminity in fixing your
hair, wearing dresses, and putting on gobs of makeup to make
you prettier than you are. I was listening to WAIT by
Whitelion, but the song changed. I don't really have a
point to this, but I wanted to type and everyone on my buddy
lists that I said hi to was busy, so I am writing here. I
have people on my buddy list that I NEVER talk to and they
never talk to me. I'm pretty sure I have people on there
that hate me, but would never admitt it, and I leave them on
in hopes that one day they will decide they need a friend.
I met a guy last night at the movies, I had talked to him a
lot on the phone, but we had never met in person. He seemed
quite nice. We saw Josie and the Pussycats with my best
friend, he probably felt out numbered and since we chose a
chick flick too. He said he had fun, but I have a hard time
acceping anything positive. My mom had been mad at me
lately because I don't spend as much time with her as I did
before college. She points that out daily, but that doesn't
make me want to spend more time with her. She doesn't
understand that she didn't complain as much before. Now it
is a constant thing. Nothing makes her happy, and I find
something happy every chance I get. I think anyway. There's
not much to find happy sometime. Maybe she should start
rambling on like I do and she would confuse herself and she
couldn't be unhappy anymore. I have been cleaning my room
for over a week and it still looks like crap. I should move