~***~AngelBaby's Journal of Reflecti
2000-12-11 05:31:41 (UTC)

It s been a long weekend. I..

It's been a long weekend. I went home for Friday night for
a concert and brought the two kids next door, and my
brother. My parents got pissy cuz I was bringing the kids
with me though. I thought that the concert was mediocre
(it was my old high school's band and chorus xmas concert)
because they didn't play many really good pieces. I had
that ever awkward moment with an exboyfriend when you run
into him and kind of have to say something to him but you
never speak otherwise. Then I went home and AOL wouldn't
work right, I could only use instant message, and so I
ended up talking with Eric, the aforementioned guy. He
told me that the girl that he's crazy about said that she
loved him (although she is still with this other guy, AND
has a crush on someone else.) I don't know...*sigh*

It's just not fair. From what I see, this girl is an
idiot, she is either playing with him, or, in either case,
she doesn't seem to be acting, and actions speak louder
than words. I really hate it when those types of girls get
the guys' attentions, because I'm so not like that. And
every guy is a hypocrite. They all say that they are only
looking for someone who will place them first blah blah
blah, and yeah many will admit that sex is important. So
why is it that it seems to me that out of everyone I know,
it's the self centered and the prudes who get the guys?
I'm dead serious about this too. Course, I feel like I
don't have a right to have any feelings for Eric more than
friendship because of the fact that I knew about this girl
before I met him, but I couldn't help it, and now I have a
mega crush on him. But of course, although I flirt and hit
on him and all, I can't tell him that I feel like this in
all seriousness, I have to play the good friend and 'be
happy' because she told him that she loves him. I don't
know how much I believe her, because if I loved someone, I
would leave my current guy to be with him, and I certainly
wouldn't be crushing on anyone.

Anyway, need sleep, more later perhaps.