Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-03-10 03:13:30 (UTC)

The other side

I know you never thought Id say this, and trust me I didnt
either, but Im starting to find a place where I fit in, and
believe it or not, its JROTC. I mean, you got your people
that give you a hard time, but still, its like a family.
Its really cool. Drill Team is really helping me. Its
giving me confidence, and a sense of belonging. Its so
great to be part of a team, part of a group working for a
common cause. I miss that. I know, it sounds really
stupid, especially coming from someone like me lol, but
everyone needs some where to belong, even if theyre a loner
and an outsider.

People dont give diet coke enough credit.

Anyways, Ill letcha go now. :)

Matt, i love you so much!!!!

Marie, Huggles, I love you guys. Im proud of you marie. :)