Living In The Dark
2002-03-10 02:57:12 (UTC)

Personality or Nationality?

Tonight's show stars an American man in a comedic monologue.

As a person, however, I don't find him all that amusing. He
has got to be one of the most arrogant, full of himself,
long winded, self-inflated pricks I have ever had to do
business with.

I thought I was just being touchy because I haven't had
enough sleep over the past few days (see "Graveyard Shift"
entry), but I was given an understanding nod by other staff
members here and conversation drifted to the view that
Americans as a whole (not necessarily individually) are
full of themselves - and on top of it, completely unaware
that anyone else on the planet sees them that way.

Which we do, by the way. All of us. Especially Canadians.

Not that I haven't met an agreeable American or two in my
time. In truth, I am engaged to an American. My older
relatives are Canadians relocated to warmer climates, and I
correspond regularly with a number of Yanks. Individually,
people who live in the USA have just as much chance of
being nice, friendly people as the rest of us. It's the
attitude that forms when you get them in a group that
likens them to a ghetto street gang.

Everyone is entitled to feel an allegiance to their
homeland/town. It's the "and if you don't like it, we'll
blow your head off" at the end of the American anthem that
makes a Northerner like me shake her head.


When the battle is won,
By the dawn's early light,
You will start to get bored,
When you've no one to fight
No one to whom you can shout you are right.
You'll eat your insides out by the night.


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