JeSs-WeSi you simply ROCK
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2001-05-10 15:24:14 (UTC)

from School...

hey you freaks...
let me tell you about the stupid thing that happned last
i was in my car on the way home... and there was this guy
that i knew walking down the street smoking a fatty, so i
picked him up and took him to the other side of town with
him smoking his joint... i get home and my mom needs the car
to go somewhere so she goes to the car.. and runs is "why
does the car smell like pot?!?!?!" i just shrugged... and
said "damn wal*mart people" and she got pissed.
prom is tomorrow night... she doesnt know i'm going yet...
whooopies... ummm i might want to fix that... hit me back...

haha... okay anyway... so school sucks a big fat one.


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