The Schwank File
2002-03-10 02:01:04 (UTC)

Here we go again...

So, I've come home four times since school started. Over
fall break, the first half of the tree fell down during the
wind storm. Over Thanksgiving, the rest of the tree came
down in another wind storm. Over Christmas, we were
snowbound for three days due to our seven feet of snow.
Now, it's spring break. It was 70 degrees today! But,
alas, my curse continues: rain, changing to snow, possible
EIGHTY MPH WINDS!!!!!!!!!! What the heck is the matter
with me????????? Sheeshers. I bring nothing but the best
in weather whenever I arrive back home...

Our train ride home was uneventful, save the disgusting,
sneezing, hacking rotund man who sat next to Dan and made
my skin crawl--eww. We got in around 8am. Mommers, Dad,
and I went to Denny's for breakfast, and then came home. I
went to the bank and to get my pictures developed, then to
pick up Mel from school. Went to 4:00 Mass, where Mom
almost made us sit next to Elmo Baby Family boy--ughers!
They don't like me, I tell you what... We came home,
watched the end of the Duke game, I fell asleep, and then
we ate dindin. I'm verrrrrrrrrrry sleepy now. I think I
might down some hot cocoa and call it a night---haha, tis
only 9:00!!!! That's what happens when you've been up
pretty much since 5 or 6am, train travelin and what not.
Yeah, so, anyway, I'm heading to the kitchen for hot
cocoa. Leave me some love, guys! I haven't had a feedback
message in forever! Talk to y'all soon!

Much heart,