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2002-03-10 01:37:22 (UTC)

The Blahs

I get the blahs at this time of year. I go from one project
to another, never finishing any. I feel restless and have
energy but don't know how to direct it. Sometimes it
helps to take myself in hand, write down some lists with
goals and then follow them blindly but sometimes that
doesn't work either. Sigh. Maybe what I've got is spring

It's not as if I don't have enough projects to do. It may
be that I have too many. Or too many that are left
unfinished. Maybe I should pick one and finish it. What
I'm really tempted to do is start another but I think that
would just result in yet another project left abandoned
which is just what I don't need!

I think I'll go to quilt on the Millenium Quilt some more.
It's been in the frame since October and I think that's one
thing that's getting me down. It's primitive style which
means dark, autumn colors like brown and black. Last year I
quilted one top a month and this year I can't even finish
one. I want to get this top finished and then
I'm going to work on some easy ones. They're going to be
brightly colored too!

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