No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-03-10 01:02:11 (UTC)

past 2 days

Here is the way my past couple of days have been starting
last night.
Last night around 5:30 all my little sisters preppy,
annoying friends starting showing up. They aren't all
annoying, I do like some of them. They were loud and
obnoxious, the usual party. All but one of the girls went
in Colleen's room and watch Jeepers Creepers. The one girl
was scared and stayed in the living room watching TV.
I went for a walk with Erin and Tricia. We went to the
dunes, had an awesome time. Then we went to get-n-go and
bought some drinks. It was dark outside, we were crossing a
main road when the crosswalk thing said not to walk and
drinking out of bottles that looked like beer bottles. It
was funny. Then we smashed the bottles and went back to my
I got on line and was on talking to people until 11. I was
really tired. On Friday nights I'm usually asleep before
10. I wish I could do that on school nights. I finally went
to bed at 11:30 and fell asleep around 1. ( I had to be up
at 7)At 2:22 AM my little sister and her friends were
screaming and giggling and it woke me up. I asked them to
calm downa dn finally, they settled down aroyund 4 and I
went to sleep. My alarm clock got me up at 7 (sometimes I
wish it would do its job )
I took a shower etc. and got ready for ROTC Colorguard in
the parade. I was colorguard commander. No one told me the
parade route and NO one was there to lead it, so I pretty
much had to do what I thought was right, no fun. My arms
got tired and my back. We were charter bussed back to
school. Then, I had Drill Practice until noon.
After drill i went out to lunch then to Brandon. I wanted
to go home, but it was all good.
Now I am home and happy. Yeah and stuff. Well, I'll shut up.
"A snowballs chance in hell!"