little mind farts...
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2002-03-10 00:55:17 (UTC)

my heart has been taken....

i have a boyfriend now. i wrote about him in here (the
one about the crush not being valid? well that crush has
materialized itself and it's so much more than valid.). he
is a beautiful person. what i love most is his
sarcasm...his virgo wit. he's such a kind, gentle
person.:0) it's only been two days since we have been
together but i get the distinct impression that it's going
to be a long relationship. he's got the most perfect little
lips and a beautiful heart.
it was sudden (our hooking up) but i am falling into
infatuation. you know how it feels. that warm
feeling...those moist tender feelings that thrive inside
that only those special people can uncover. he's a special
person and i think that with the type of person that he is,
he could definitly be one who i give my heart to.
with the gain of this so far wonderful relationship, i
think that however, i might have lost a friendship. even
though she says that everything is "perfectly fine" i don't
believe it. she had feelings for him first, but i can't
help that we click like we do. i hate to see her
hurting...but i have to follow my heart right?

-michelle :0)