Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-10 00:45:08 (UTC)

A Day Wasted, A Wasted Day.

Despite my claims to people that I've done things today, I
come out at the end no better off than I was this time on
Thursday night, just a little older. And maybe a little

I've spent very little time in front of my computer, which
will be a nice thing for our electricity bill, and I ought
to mention that Graham, after 18 months worth of hockey
(field hockey) games finally scored his first goal, and by
all (3 so far) accounts it was the best goal of the season.
There's no video footage at such a level. Shame.

Lenny and I meanwhile had an escapade down at the video
store. In spite of the tradition that goes with our not
doing anything, we decided to go and rent Heartbreakers. It
would the male equivalent of a girly night in....

So, we wandered down to the video shop. We need 2 (That's
stressed) 2, not 1 forms of identification, so we trooped
back home, and set straight back to the shop. When we got
there, guess what? It was closing. To be fair the guy
laughed for a while in the end, but we weren't amsued. We
ended up watching Parkinson and Tremors. Crap.

I'm done. Want a lot to get done tomorrow.

WILT? The Rooster (is it? - answers please!) doing the
Intro to Disney's Animal Kingdom Robin Hood.