my thought's deep inside
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2001-05-10 13:00:55 (UTC)

I feel sooooooo good today!!!!!!!!!

Well yestureday i went home after a long day at school and
did an hour of homework and than had supper. after supper i
did my chores and went outside to the public school not mine
and spent time with my friends and Christina oh man dont
even get me started with that holly shit is she hot! man i
really like her but she is like 13 man that sucks! well i
still can go out with her but i dont know what to do? can i
get some feedback on that one? anyway so we hung out and it
was fun. i went home and called Katie and she was pissed
cause Shannon has been a real bitch lately so she wants to
fight her but i dunno who will wine? well i have to choose
between Katie and Christina? they both want me! hehehehe
it's all good well gotta go buy