The Other Diary
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2002-03-10 00:14:38 (UTC)

Last Night was

Last night was fun. Definitely made a few bad calls. I was
drunk and who wasn'. But enough of that. I have a french
paper due on Thursday I think and I lost the little slip of
paper that tells me what I was supposed to actually do. So
I suppose I could b.s. it but I also lost all my notes -
cuz you know, I'm fucking sweet.
Frisbee today was awesome. Emily, Duran and Nick came by
and waited for me to score a point. Of course I scored one
while they were walking away. I wish they had seen! It was
awesome! But it was cool to play some people who really
sucked. It really made us feel awesome. Which is never a
bad thing. Because we pretty much suck compared to any
nationals team. Well, who doesn't though. Cuz most good
nationals teams are AWESOME beyond all awesomeness. But
yeah, we played a good game it was fun.
Yeah okay I'm feeling creative, so I'm gonna go doodle on
something and hopefully I will get bored enough to actually
do some homework.