the life of me
2002-03-09 23:54:18 (UTC)

march 9, 2002

another day, more to write. hehehe. russ called me
yesterday. it was awesome! we had our first normal
conversation in i don't even know how long. i mean, he's
always talked to me normal, but i've always been a little
hesitant in my speech (not to mention the aweful
butterflies i'd get whenever he sat next to me). but
yesterday, nothing. i was perfectly FINE! :) it was the
greatest feeling in the world. *sigh* i miss domi. he's in
arizona and i haven't seen him since thurseday. i think i
really like him!!! AH! what'll i do??? russ says to go for
it (yes, i told him about it... how could i NOT? he's my
best friend!!!). but i just don't know. kristen thinks i
should go for it too, but i just... UGH! so does wendy.
although she did throw in the fact that i should really
really make sure to know i'm ready. but i think i need to
DATE. not go out... DATE! ya know, nothing serious. just
two people, on a date. but who knows. ok well, i've gotta
go. more tomorrow! bye!