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2002-03-09 23:45:30 (UTC)

Sx months can really kill you

Ok so there is this guy i met that i like. He's 37 (10
years on me, but that's ok). We were talking and it turns
out that i messed around with his bf when they were dating,
but i didn't know. Anyway, the guy is cool with it. I think
there is a general interest on his part, too. We'll have to
see where it goes. I get off my contract on Wed. March 13-
so i can actually date again! AND HAVE SEX! That's kinda
scary though. I was told that if i relapse it would be over
sex or a relationship.....or blue hair :)

interviewed for a new job and hopefully will get it. I am
sooo tired of my present job. Got certified with the Health
dept. teaching HIV/STD and substance abuse classes. This is
really helping me see that i do want to go into the social
work field! hopefully i will hear from school soon. Bubba
moved out, but now one of my old roommates from inpatient
treatment, jeffy, is moving in. He and Rick are good friends
now. I guess Jeffy needs it.

Ok and there is also this other guy that kim (a friend in
treatment) introduced me to. He's really nice. I dunno if
he is my type or not. I went over and watched movies with
his friends and him last night. I dunno if i am projecting.
Everyone i meet now, i imagine myself in a relationship
with and see if i think we are compatible. It takes any
romance out of the potential....but maybe i am just getting
old. Six months of no sex can kill you.