Autumn Always
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2002-03-09 23:06:52 (UTC)

My tangerine dream

Work was ok today. Blessedly short because it's saturday
and I'm in only till 12 tomorrow. I need to paint my nails
again tonight. It keeps them stong and chemicals at work
and having them wet all day eats the polish off. I've been
so busy lately. It's ok, I know things will settle down.
I'm still feeling a touch of nostalgia. I feel like writing.

There's a saddness in this fever,
the warmth that can cut through your soul.
Why do you haunt me?
What sacrifices I've made,
and known no other my love.
Save you.
Always in your shadow, yes, haunts me into dreaming.
Angel do you know me? Ever in your thoughts?
And it slays me.
Always wrought.
What I would do, just for knowledge.
Am I your ghost then?
I wonder...
How often I'd trade my warmth for yours,
my delerium, for just a moment.
The eternal wound.
bleeds for you and yet I live.
How do I go on, unrequited?
Just a glimpse of you, fate can be so cruel.
My sweet tangerine dream, am I never to know you then?
Do you believe?
Is it fire like we had?
Or only warmth...
I need to believe it wasn't like us,
nothing like us.
Dream of me and share my ache.
Love me still despite our sorrows,
leave me not alone without you.
If only in dreams.
So dream of me my love....