Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-05-10 10:19:54 (UTC)

Ok here we go with some bitchen..

Ok here we go with some bitchen and always if it
doesnt apply cool,
What the fuck is up people need to get lives Im so sick
of people with out lives concerned about everyone elses
You know if somone tells you about someone elses biz please
be the stop link,Dont be a little bitch and run and tell
someone else What the fuck is with that shit This entry is
because Im becomming popular again and Im rembering all the
BS that comes with it But really people do that shit all
day come and tell me somone elses biz like they got the
inside track or some shit like there proud there in the
loop Thats bitch shit people.
You know get a job or a girl friend or anything but stay
thefuck away from me.You know what falls under the same
note. This, people that always gotta bitch about somthing
or another There was a note today that said I hope this
solves the issue, First of all there wasnt an issue your
life is just so empty and lonly and you gotta fill that gap
with somthing Why not make an issue cause a seince blame
the fucked up state your life on everyone else,
And you know thats fine with me Ill be your scape goat
today if thatll help, I care that much and my empathy runs
deep for you actully empathy isnt the word sorry for you is
what I feel But I wont hate you and I know thats what you
want I wont be one more reason for you to feel sorry for
yourself. Of corse that soles the issue but tomarro therell
be a new one anything to aviod whats really going on with
with all my love but little respect