My December
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2002-03-09 22:16:11 (UTC)


mood: tired
music: none, just the sound of the tv behind me...
quote of the day:
raTed: nique, oh please shove it up ur ass :-/...

yah, so i started this... why? cuz i'm fucked in the head,
lol. yeah, and lonely, too. have lots on my mind, but right
now i'm really tired, so i'll just leave my thoughts for
later use. oh, to clearefy, my name's Dadi (well, no it's
my nick, but my real name's stupid, so...) and i live in
Pervland (or better known as Finland). yeah, and that quote
came from the www.linkinpark.com - chat. i'll write the
story later.

this is dull... you can't even post piccies here!

well, G'NIGHT!