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2002-03-09 21:53:30 (UTC)

And her tears keep her company

I have this pain, this hurt, that no one knows about.. and
right now it feels as though it is stabbing me
mercilessly. I have never talked with anyone about it,
and i probably won't forever.. as in, a very, very long
time. I feel regret even now for putting this information
in here..surely someone will be mean ..surely they
will..and will get this info. to a parent.. whether it's
mine or not.. and boom.. there ya go. Outbreak..and yeah..
i'm confronted. I'm accused. I'm broken again. And my tears
keep me company. BUT JESUS... yes .. Jesus is my strength.

I'm gonna paste something here that my awesome friend,
Darren, said to me the other day. WHOA.. GOD HAS REALLY
anointed him. BLESS GOD!!!!!!!! He loves YOU
unconditionally, forever and ever.

Goodbye and God bless you,..

(P.S.) "CFNI" is a college.. but this refers to
everything.. and not just for me.. for you.


"But if u know that it
is the Lord's will for u to go to CFNI,
and not your own will but his
then do it with all your heart
and do it unto the Lord. I just
encourage u to speak in tongues
and come to God's throne room and to
truly serve. Because the lest on earth is the greatest in
kingdom of heaven."