2001-05-10 09:06:44 (UTC)

for several weeks poem

good morning all ..

one more day til friday ..

just want to start by saying thank you for all the great
feedback and encouragment.. i appreciate the few minutes
taken to write sincerely.

well of course i am still discouraged but thanks to that
mail .. i am a bit reinspired.. i know i'm not alone in my
struggle.. and i think beginning an online diary was a risk
but a wise decision.. even though by now you know .. i am
no poet lol i just like to write once in awhile..

been out on the sea for several weeks..
no trace of dry land in sight..
the storms have tossed my ship around ..
but none so far have broken me..
i've not gone over the side although
the water has risen above the edge..
been splashed in the face ..
and kicked in the bout ..
but still i ride it out..
the skys been dark, the waves so rough ..
the thunder it yells in my ear..
go back to dock .. the trips too long..
but another voice echoes sail on...

*Smiles.. *