Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-03-09 21:22:18 (UTC)

Week of Doom

I felt so stranded... and alone. Like, me and matt were
having trouble and mom started in, and she got all drunk
and tried to kick me out... i almost lost it i couldnt take
it anymore. I want to get out still, but I cant, I knwo I
cant. And I dont wanna lose my spot in Jrotc... *sigh* and
its not like i could if i wanted. Lee said i could live
with her, but like, all of my older siblings *3* did the
same thing at the same age... and they all quick high
school... i wont though. I just dont wanna live with my
mom. I cant, im gunna go crazy and end up in an insane
asylum like Erins Uncle, but thats okay, at least I wont
know whats going on...

Matt, Marie, Huggles, I love you guys!
Matt, Im SOOO glad we worked things out. I love you so

Later dayz