The Basement
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2002-03-09 20:44:00 (UTC)


its time,
i'm gone,
no one is going to stop me.
i'm alone again.
now until the end of my life,
no one will catch me.
I dont need them,
I can survive on my own.
Theres no need for my tears anymore,
there's no need to feel,
no need to be weak.
I'm unreachable now,
I dont need people to understand,
I dont need the pity,
i dont need there help.
I've made it all on my own,
i will continue to do so.
All i got was hurt when i opened up,
time for me to sheild myself again.
The world is cruel,
so untrue,
no one really cares,
its just another game.
But I'm my own player now,
I'm on my own,
walking solo is the best,
god help those who stand in my way.
I dont need anybody,
they all are lies.
I'm running,
I know,
but i've made up my mind.
so Unreachable,
going to be unbreakable now.

dass a weird long poem i wrote. Its just a rough draft but
i dun wanna edit it. too lazy too. I guess I'm goin back to
the old ways of life now.Except everything is twisted a
bit. Now i guess I have da ryte to call myself a druggey.
Droppin rave drugs and stuff. cutting myself again. And dun
really care wat others think. Flirtin wit all da bi gurls
and just screwing up my life even more. O well. Myte as
well get my kicks before i die. I'm not holdin anythin back
now. I'm learning how to knife fight from my friend. damn
he's good... imma killin my old self now. Dis is the new
me. dun care now. gonna go now. need ta get some pot for
viet friend. baiz

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