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2002-03-09 20:36:39 (UTC)

Apple juice and ringing phones

The last 2 days or so, I've really been into drinking
applejuice! agh! Can you believe it? Usually I'm all
grossed out with the thought. Man, life changes. ha. Okay
and um.. people, sorry to hurt you.. um.. just..can you
PLEASE stop calling my house!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Phew.
HAD to get that out man. Nah really, call me but please..
not every hour! lol.. my poor little phone is getting
SUCH A work out! hehe..oh man i almost ordered this really
kool cdplayer/radio/alarmclock/PHONE but...always a but..
usually j/k.. but the phone isn't cordless!
GOSH! noway.. lol:) I mean.. how could you have such kool
stuff on there and not be cordless? hm.

Well last night i put a lot in here but i got bumped off!
Dang it. I lost some really kool stuff.

I had a good time with Wayne at tha movies. Speaking of, he
just called for me but Jessica wants the phone and NO WAY
I am gonna let her make ME tell him.. AGAIN... that she
needs to talk to beloved Andrew. *Oh brother* I actually
made HER tell Wayne. WOW.

Well anyhow, Wayne and I met Jacob at the movies and it was
pretty good. "Collateral Damage" with Arnold Swarzenneger
(I KNOW that is spelled wrong). I said i would not watch
that new one.. um.. what's it called? With Alliyah in it?
Queen somethin'. Anywayz.. then i got home and hung out wid
my sisters and talked to Erik.. he had just come back from
seeing that movie and i was
like BTW Erik.. if you're reading this.. my Dad
turned off the computer.. that's why i left like that.. i
didn't d o iton purpose and i'm really sorry.. can we talk
soon? We have to finish that convo. for sure. I just hope
Erik doesn't hate me now. My Dad has thing thing where he
likes us off the internet by a certain time ( he doesn't
like us to miss sleep yet he gets us up early lol) and we
go abide by the rules... but last night i said 'well..
it's Friday night and i want to (get to) sleep in tomorrow,
so can i stay on a little longer?' He said 'No, i wanna
sleep in too'.. and i'm just like ????????? WHAT!?????????
I don't get it. He always gives me those kind of answers. I
God bless Dad.

Today it is soo pretty outside. I wanna go out there.. but
i'm stuck in practice jail hehe.. I have soo much to
practice. Did I tell you that? Dad comes and gives me music
at the last minute and tells me he needs me to accompany
the choir tomorrow morning in church.. and these songs are
hard.. all three of em.. they transition into one another
too.. & don't ya just love those complex key signature
changes!? AHH lol So today i'm working hard on em.. not
complaining.. praise God for the experience.. just wonder
why Dad won't have THE CHURCH PIANIST play em.. that's HER
JOB! "She's not into that kind of music"..i'm like.. SHE
than me! ahhh.. lol so please pray for me! AND GUESS WHAT!?
OF ALL DAYS.... that i would be playing these songs..
Wayne's whole family will be in town!!!!! I'm praying for a
good first impression for God's glory.. and well... we'll
just see!

My h air is horrible lol
To curl, or not to curl? That is the question.

I've been asked.. IF I COULD HAVE ONE THING.. what would it
be? My answer is: To be best friends with Boreth and have a
ministry with him and Wayne. Why? ..

Well God bless you all so much today. We all need this
spring break, huh? I agree. Let me know how it's going...
you guys roK. Paisano here i come baby! haha.. GOD IS SOOO
GOOD.. to everyone. Laterz;):)!

oooooooooooooooooooooooh lalallaaaaaa