Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-03-09 20:11:19 (UTC)


Deadjournal has just been updated..I think,
Ooooh....I'm ill. I was ill on Thursday and Friday too.

Damn you "god"!!! Heh, well....I'd rather be ill than at
school, because....just 'cos!

I ordered Our Little Secret and VooDoo U last night...and
umm, it said they'd be shipped in 24 hours, but I've just
read the order again, and they won't be here for two
weeks...grr!!! Ah well, I guess it's worth it-it better be!!

I want a boyfriend!!! Because I'm bored at the moment.
Wait...screw the idea of "boy"friend..I just want a
friend!! Mine are fucking me off at the moment. Well, I
guess people have it way worse than me but...I'm not them,
and they're not me...
Ive spent the day mainly...downloading JoJ recordings from because there's been nothing else to do!! AT
I was going to go down town to get my mum a card for
tomorrow, but my plans were RAIN!Yes,
rain...the stuff that falls from the sky. I didn't want to
get soaked so I decided to leave it for a while, but by the
time it had stopped the puddles were huge and I didn't
wanna get soaked by snotnosed car drivers.

Heh, Grant's gone missing...well, his dad shouted at him
*apparently* and he hasn't been home yet. Hahah! I know
what it's like to have someone you cre aout go missing, but
I mean...WHO GIVES A FUCK?! I doubt he'd help look for me
if *I* went missing. He'll be sat at the botton of his
garden behind a tree in his Papa Roach hoodie and 3sizes
too big jeans, cying because his dad made him eat peas with
his dinner. He's a pathetic spoilt brat and...I DON'T CARE!

Oh well, shit happens. People go missing everyday.