Zone of Misfortune
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2002-03-09 20:03:24 (UTC)

WHERE did I leave OFF

Let's see, i don't quite remember where i left off, but i
started tennis like 4 days ago, and went like tue-thu...

Word, so we went to some Quiz bowl tournament, which to me
really was a waste of time, since there was no point of
going... kinda sucked...

Yeah, JEBUS, the band is doing alright, still no name, but
getting music together for like 4 songs now, 2 with
lyrics...going to record a demo at Putt's PAlace of
Precording, so that'll be coo

playinh a sweet ass sweet game called GO on the yahoo
games extrodinare...wastes time like nothing else...
pretty much a blast to the pancreas of boredom

Wathced some disney crap yesterday called Cadet Katy, i
bring it up soley to make fun of it. We watched it at
Emily's house with rob, trox, mcguire, and myself. It was
really, really bad both plot wise, acting wise, and gay-
wise. Too many holes and stereotypes and entirely to

UM...REALLY that's about it...still don;t have a car,
still a virgin, still can't complete crosswords entirely
and still likes the smiley meat from germany...


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