Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-05-10 07:34:51 (UTC)


Well, i got up around 9:30 -10:30 not sure exactly
i was tired i did not get to bed til really late. so i
have been tired a lot tofay.

I ended up hanging with Josh he came over we went tot he
got my mom's mother day present and then we ate lunch in
the food court. That was cool. We then went to go see a
movie, The Mummy 2 and it was alright. Effects were good
and a lot of action.

I headed home and i had a message from Cathryn, it was about
getting together tonight . We talked and finally met and
then we went to Macroni Grill and decided against a movie
and went to Borders and hung out there for a while. It was
ok, but we did not get to do a whole lot of catching up.

Then i droped her off and I headed home. I am still trying
to get wordperfect office 2002 pro but so far not go.

talked to andy and i think he is goign to walk. He just
can not afford the bullshit anymore. He needs money, i do
not blame him. i am lucky. i need to remember that night

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