The Inside of My HEAD
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2002-03-09 19:00:41 (UTC)

The kid with the purple fro...

There is this kid in my school with a purple afro. This kid
bugs the hell out of me. Every day when I walk down the
hall to fifth period I see him. And every day the kid looks
into my eyes and looks me up and down like he is disgusted
with me. And every day I just look at him confused. I don't
even know this kid. I have never seen him before this year.
I don't think i've ever done anything to have caused this
hostility, but its there and I now HATE the kid with the
purple fro.
THere are these two girls at school who hate me,
Annie and Aubreigh. We used to be friends until they
started hating me for no reason. Everyone I talk to says
that they are just jealous of me, but i say jealous of
what???? I mean yeah I have friends but they could too if
they didn't act like complete ass holes all the time.
Whatever they're not worth writing about at this point.
I had this dream that my parents were stealing money
from me and buying things for my sister with it. I wonder
if my subconcious is trying to tell me something. My
parents are crack heads I swear. My whole family is. My 11
year old sister is a genius who has been doing
multiplication since she was 4. My mom is this crazy
spendaholic who buys the same thing three or four times. My
dad is this freak who yells if you forget to take your
shoes off and my brother is gay. Or at least I think he may
be. But who knows. I live in Lawrenceville GA where nothing
ever happens. All kids smoke weed on Friday so they
have "Something to DO". I don't know. I guess I'm
unhappy... but who isn't????

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