2001-05-10 07:00:57 (UTC)

hot diddly damn

damn i was energetic all day. i got so much done, and I
can't stop!! it feels GREAT! its about 2 am now, and i
don't see myself stopping any time soon.
well i took my last exam of the school year today. YAY
ME! It was in physics, it was really hard, but the grade i
needed to get on it was not too high, so i have no fear.
I had to get a lithium refill today from the doc because
i am going on a little trip tomorrow to kc. I don't get
back till next wednesday, it will be SOOOO nice to get away
from my life here for a little bit. But, back to the
pills, my blood tests came back, I lithium level is 'on the
lower side of normal,' meaning that the doc now has the
green light to increase dosage as necessary...... i'm not
real thrilled about the idea, but like i said, i am leaving
town, so that will be the LAST thing on my mind.
well, productivity calls. Back to cleaning this room
here and packing. adios all. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK,
its nice to know people are out there. And don't get
wierded out if I don't respond to them.... I just feel a
little wierd about doing that right now, but maybe someday
I won't. I like the way things look right now :) bubye