The lost little girl
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2002-03-09 18:41:04 (UTC)

excuse me?

so yeah i hung out ar craig's house last night with chris.
we watched A.I. and 15 minutes. i've seen A.I. before but
since craig hadn't, that is why we got it. he really liked
it. and then 15 minutes. it was an interesting movie..took
me a while to get into it. but when i did i liked it.
Chris and myself are still doing all sorts of stuff in
getting ready for buffalo. right now my biggest thing is
finding out where we are going when we get in. i mean either
my gramma's house, my gram and gramps house, or my sisters
house. and then to top it off my cousin told me to go to his
mom's house when i get it. too many voices!!
i'm going insane trying to find something. i carry a little
book around with me that nancy and kate bought me two years
ago for my b-day. it's like a journal...and well it's gone.
since i don't move in my sleep i keep it next to me on
another pillow..and it's gone. it's not behind the bed or
under it...nothing..it's just gone...not good..really not
well i should prolly go now..lots of stuff to do...ttyl

daily quote:
(setting: Chris,craig and myself are in craig's house
watching A.I and it's towards the end...)
" hey you know how most of the time aliens are portrayed as
very very smart beings. you ever think that they have really
fuckin' dumb ones?"- me
" well i mean if we have a Minot, i would think they would
(we all crack up, hardcore)