AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-03-09 17:51:38 (UTC)

Stuck in a rut

Ok.....well yesterday I went out to dinner w/ my family and
then went to a party at Corey n Rob's was a
*surprise* bday party for Andrew Smith, one of my very good
friends. It was fun, felt kinda sick though. Some guy in
James's band Just Another Name wanted to pick me up from
the party n go out somewhere. He lives realllly far away,
newayz, i turned him down, cuz umm....ya, i dont exactly
KNOW him know him.
So I talked to Amanda S. last night. She is still sick, and
she cant play softball....something about her spleen. And
even looking so sick, some lady tried to get her to do some
fashion show thingie, haha. Umm....she talked to Joe M. cuz
he was sick too, and he says he is over me. I doubt it, and
I want him to be tho, apart of me is sad, but he DEFINATELY
needs to get over me b/c it interferes with my life so
badly. My