Shaded Soul

A World of Broken Glass
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2002-03-09 17:15:33 (UTC)

My First Entry - An Introduction

I don't know how many people are going to read this, but I
suppose I should write it down anyway.

I'm a fourteen year old girl who thinks very strangely.
I say this because I understand everyone around me, and
most of them act like idiots. It's like nobody knows what
is important in life. I am not particularly 'street smart,'
if there is such a thing, and besides in the stupid, overly
logical subject of math, I'm pretty smart.

I am anti-social. Sure, there are a few people in school
who are my friends, and I have a best friend who doesn't go
to my school. Still... I don't find friends that important.
I just like to watch people. There are a few people who I
would dare talk to, but they're still teenagers in their
minds and they either conform or are too perfect and are in
too complex of a situation for me to even try to get
involved with *sighs* ...

Did that make sense?

I also feel like I have nothing to do with the real world.
I can't explain it.

Anyway. I have no clue what I want to do. (They say 'be,' like we're
not complete humans until we
growupgetajobhaveafamilyandgotodisneyworld.) I'll be taking a
psychology class in
twelfth grade... I just wish I could take it now, I mean,
what's the point of restricting classes due to AGE? I think
age is one of the most trivial things people divide
themselves by. I ended that sentence in a proposition. (Stupid
subliminal teacher... e__e *mutters*)

I'm also silly sometimes, but in my mind I always think in my
strange, morbid way. Anyway...

It is Saturday, and my Grand Opressor says that I have to
do stupid math before she'll unshackle me. Well, I hope
to be hearing from some of you. - Me