artistic vent!
2001-05-10 04:53:07 (UTC)

Happy birthday to me!!!

Well i havent' wrote in a few days and alot has much to type unfortunatley...but today is my
birthday, so thats cool, the big 20, one more year to
twenty one, that will be a good year..but i got a trumpet
for my birthday, and 175 dollars from my mom, which went to
all new clothes which is rommate and her
boyfriend broke up after a year and a half..which is just i've been giving alot of comfort to her
lately..its sad...but what can you do! I'm probably going
to be moving again soon me and my roommate are to our ropes
end putting up with my other roommate and her boyfriend
that lives there and doesn't pay a dime..and won't pay a
dime, even after he FINALLY got a job, which is more than
his girlfriend can say (she's the other roommate) she
doesn't even have a job, her mom pays her needless
to say me and shawne (the roommate that just lost her
boyfriend) are fed up with leaving with people that are so we are out of here...i'm getting very sick of
moving..i hate packing everything up, and moving my
bed,...god i'm not looking forward to it..i hope this time
i can stay in one place for awhile, god i hope so!!! But
thats all for now, i'll have something intellegent to say
tommorrow, tonight i just want to go to bed...i've missed
my workout two nights in a row, so thats all missed up but,
i've just been so tired to bed i go..i'll talk
to myself tommorrow...haha