emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-03-09 15:12:05 (UTC)

nicoles in hawaii....

so this is whats been going on.

i dont know when the last time i wrote was so..ill start
from thursday.

school. home. took a nap. went with my mum to take my
brother to granby with is friend. err.

emily called me and we talked for a long time. it was a
good talk. :]


school. home. emily and ruthie came over and surprised me.
we went to the park and 7-11 for slurpees to pretend it was
summer out. well, the weather was nice...

then emily and i went back to my house.

hung out for a little, then mike picked us up.
went driving around, to starbucks, around ghent. around
8ish we went to bens. haha. hes cute and weird.
and then we went to mi hogar and no one believes that
mexican food makes me puke so we went anyways. emily & ben
used their spanish skills to talk to the waiter for like 20
minutes. haha it was entertaining.i could understand
everything they said, but i just cant translate what i
wanna say into spanish. owell.

then we went back to bens. and were there for awhile. and
some random girl showed up outta no where. she kinda ruined
the fun, so we left. and i was so slpeey last nite, as soon
as i got in, i fell asleep.

and now its saturday and im here.

see ya. -stfny-