Skuz9c1's Thoughts
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2002-03-09 15:09:37 (UTC)

Somebody Took My Juice Money!!!!


Freaking woke up at 730 on a saturday morning, that aint
right, i better take a nap during the day to get me back in
night mode. Aint too much going on, kinda bored right now,
werking on painting this 1:18 scale Caprice 9c1 all white
but that got boring. i got the hood done, its all sticky
from the Clear Coat (which i put on hella thick). Cleaned
up my Computer, its got too much scattered shit and put it
back together. Wanna do an oil change on my car, but 500
miles short, and i just dont feel like doing it.

Tommarow was fun, went to Greggs, hung out fer a few, went
to ABC Warehouse, CompUSA, Best Buy, and CompUSA again with
his dad, were all making jokes at his expence. we got a
bunch of shit fer his computer, (Vid Card and modem), thats
still alot though, but i got a 9 more Family Guy Eps i
watched last night. Plus on my way home, i saw amber, but
she was sick and laying down, so she wasnt too happy, but
she still looked good.

My party is next week with my parents gone, and my birthday
is like 10 days away or sumthing, and i'll be 19, heh, im
an old fart. heh, speaking of farts, nah, i wont go there,
use yer imagination. its funny when we talk about age to
people at werk, there all like, "Theres no fuckign way yer
19!" i know what i want fer my birthday. 1. MY GOTEE
BACK!!! God i miss it.

Car: Still running, i wanna spend time with it, but i got
my cd player in, and they fucked it up (Best Buy), had no
dash light, no Rear Defrost and Hot Cold switch didnt werk,
i went in there, there like: "Would you like to make an
appointment?" Im like no, i aint leaving til my car is
fixed. but CD player looks nice. Factory Speakers are hella
good even though there 13 years old and Cops never used the
Radio. so ha. But i'll get alot done next weekend

Sister is living at home now, thats another story,
especially the Ketchup incident.

o well, gonna spray my car and listen to more muzic.

Current Muzic - Adema - Freaking Out

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