Mysterious Attitude
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2001-05-10 04:15:52 (UTC)

Wensday May 9,2001

I know I haven't wrote for a while... But I have been
really busy.. So I'll try and remeber all that happened
these last few dayz

~~~Monday what else happened that day~~~

After I took my shower I got ready and went with my mom
out to eat at Old Country Buffet... and then we went to
Dots so I could get sum clothes... but I got pissed off cuz
I couldn't really find anything.. So I just put everything
back and left.. Then later that night I called up Chuck and
we just talked a lil.. I tell u.. I was in a bad mood...
lol and ohh yeah I also went to Avenue... to get sum
underwear... lol

~~~Tuesday May 8, 2001~~~

Well let me think... when I got home from school I was
drivin around with my uncle and gram... I had them to take
me to Dotz so I could get a white shirt for my choir
concert which was supposed to be today but was canceled.. I
got these 2 white shirtz, a bandanna to match, 5 pairs of
socks, and sum lipstick.... Then I went to my counler..
which I was late for.. cuz I thought it was at 6 but it was
really at 5... but ohh well.... Then at like 9 sumthing
Brian paged me... I was so excited cuz I haven't talked to
him for a long time.. and hell I was shocked to.. I called
him back.. and damn he sounded so cute... hehe He kept
tellin me how cute I sound and all this... hehe we talked
for a while.. and we ended up havin phone sex... hehe what
can I say.. my voice makes him horny I guess.. then we
talked sum more bout other things... He really wants to
meet me.. and I wanna meet him 2... I mean he is sweet and
yet sumwhat like a badass... hehe U know I love every
minute of it!! Then at like 11:30pm we hung up... Ricky
paged me at like 11:11 pm but by the time I called.. I
think he went to bed.. well thats bout all for that day..
now for today...

~~~Today~~~ 10:41pm

Aight well I went to school.. hopin I was goin to get to
sing at our program but no.. we ended up not havin it.. so
I went to school all dressed up for nothing... but
anyhow... I took sum pictues of people... and durin 6th
hour Alfonzo sat next to me.. I was like soo happy.. cuz
the desks are close... and everytime one of us got up we
touched each other... I was like yeah baby... lol Then
after school me,gram, and Jr went by my mom's work.... cuz
they had to drop off Renee's car.. I decided to stay with
my mom... cuz I had to call Brain at 5.. So I called him to
tell him that I was at work with my mom and that I would
call him later.. he was like aight... So I was chillin
there with my mom.. and I saw the Coke Man... hehe he
started talkin to me.. I was thinking "damn what a
hottie... and he is talkin to me 2 is this great or what?
¿".. lol He was like how u doin..I was like fine u.. he was
i'm good.. Then I was like... workin hard? He was like
yeah... lol He was like it's hot.. I was like yeah I
know...I forgot what else we said lol after we got done
talkin I remebered I had a camera in my backpack.. I was
like well damn pictues last longer don't they... lol So I
was beggin Terri to get a pic of him for me.. cuz I was to
scared to ask... so she gave in to me and asked him... but
when he asked why.. she busted me out.. she was like cuz
this young lady wants one.. I was like damn... how could
she do that.. he looked at me and was like ohh really...
she wants to take one with me?¿ Terri was like yeah.. I was
like NO!! lol but he said aww come on.. And when he said
that I found myself walkin towards him... hehe So I stood
next to this hottie I didn't even know.. and he put his arm
around my shoulder.. I tell u it was like 1 minute in
heaven.... hehe and after that.. I had butterflies in my
tummy.. hehe... Then after that my mom got off.. me and her
went to Big Lots to pick up sum stuff.. then we came
home... I called Brain back but he wasn't home.. So my mom
got online and I started to exercise.. and then at like 9
Brain paged me.. So I called him back and we talked and had
phone sex again... see I know when he's "jackin off" cuz
his voice gets really low.. hehe.. We hung up at like 10..
and I gotta call him tomorrow at 5... Then I got online...
to find another card from John.... opps I forgot to say he
sent me on on Tuesday also.... he even wrote me a
poem :) :) He really likes me and I like him 2.. he is soo
sweet.. and he even printed out my picture and is carryin
it with him.... I feel soooooo special!! I like him so
much.. at yet he lives so far.... why does it always happen
like that.. :( But I'm talkin to him right now.. and we're
talkin sorta dirty.. hehe ::Sings:: It Wasn't Me lol.... So
I'm goin to go so I can talk to him... hehe bye bye 4 now